How to Make a Hat Stretcher

A well-fitting hat is an ideal accent to any suit of clothes. But sometimes the perfect hat doesn't quite fit and needs to be stretched. Finding the right-sized hat stretcher can be difficult. Make your own hat stretcher and you can stretch your hats to exactly your size.

Measure the sweat band of your hat and trace it onto a slab of wood. Trace two crescent moon shapes that will press along the front and back of the hat's inside lip.

Saw the crescent moon shapes out of the wood with a table saw. Tilt the blade slightly for better curvature.

Sand the two crescent moon pieces of wood until smoothly rounded. Rub skin moisturizer into the wood to soften.

Place the crescent moon shapes into the lip of your hat and measure out a length of galvanized pipe to connect them at a width that will stretch your hat to your desired hat size.

Cut the galvanized pipe to size. Drill holes in the crescent moon wood pieces to accommodate the pipe.

Join the wood pieces with the length of pipe and insert the hat stretcher into your hat. Lengthen the pipe as needed.