How to Fix a Cowboy Hat That Is Too Big

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Cowboy hats are often associated with the American Old West era, but they are also contemporary pieces that add style and a touch of fun to your outfits. Cowboy hats may be made from felt or straw, and they have a broad brim that keeps the sun out of your eyes. If you find that your cowboy hat has stretched over time or if the cowboy hat you bought is simply too large for you, you can adjust the fit to your needs.

Measure around the interior of your cowboy hat using a measuring tape, just inside the edge where the crown meets the brim.

Cut a piece of adhesive weatherstripping that matches the measurement you took in Step 1.

Peel the paper from the adhesive weatherstripping.

Apply the weatherstripping to the interior of the crown. The weatherstripping holds the cowboy hat to your head more closely and prevents it from sliding.