How to Make Hats Fit Better

Hats are a timeless accessory to complement anyone’s wardrobe, and are just as popular now as they ever were. Today, you can choose a wide range of headgear to complete your look, from fedoras and straw hats to baseball caps and cowboy hats. Whichever type you choose, the fit of the hat is always an essential component. If you simply can’t wait the weeks, or even months, it may take to break in a hat so that it fits better, there are a few things you can do to speed the process.

Choose a fitted hat made with high-quality material or from a reliable brand. Quality fitted hats should not only fit well on your head, but should also be somewhat resistant to shape deformity or degradation from frequent wear.

Wear the hat as often as possible after purchasing to help break it in and make it conform to the shape of your head.

Wet your hat with hot or warm water and wear it immediately afterward or place the hat around a round object about the same size as your head, such as a ball or bowl. Allow the hat to air dry, but make sure to keep it out of direct sunlight to keep its color from fading.

Cut out the mesh from inside of the hat if it still does not fit to your head properly. This will shrink the hat quickly, but it may cause the hat to lose its original shape.