How to Break in a Cowboy Hat

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The cowboy hat was invented by John B. Stetson in 1865 when he fashioned an enormous hat with a wide brim from a piece of fur on a hunting trip. Although the project was originally for the amusement of his friends, he wore the hat throughout the course of the trip and noted its ability to shelter him from the harsh weather conditions of Western America and keep the dirt out of his eyes. It has since become a practical necessity for a rancher and one of the most iconic symbols of American culture. If you have just bought a new cowboy hat and it isn't quite the right fit for your head, you can easily break it in over the course of the day using hot water and a face cloth.

Fill your kitchen sink or bathroom sink with hot water.

Soak the face cloth in the hot water and wring it out once.

Use the cloth to wet the inside rim of the cowboy hat where the hat meets your head. Squeeze the cloth gently as you make your way around the hat to evenly disperse water on the inner rim of the hat.

Repeat the wetting process until the inner rim of the hat feels soft and malleable.

Place the cowboy hat on your head and position it comfortably and precisely.

Wear the hat for eight hours to ensure it dries in the correct position. When you remove it your cowboy hat will have been broken in to fit your head.