How to Repair a Rivet Type Button on Jeans

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Rivets are used on jeans to hold two or more layers of denim together and to add to the aesthetic look of the clothing. If a rivet is damaged, you can remove it and fit a new one in its place. To remove the old rivet, use a small flat-head screwdriver and linesman's pliers, and use a hammer to install the new rivet. Take care not to damage the clothing during the process.

Push the tip of a small flat-head screwdriver between the back of the rivet on the inside of the jeans and the denim. Wriggle the screwdriver to pry apart the rivet's base from its top section on the other side of the denim layers.

Place the center of the rivet's top section in the jaws of a pair of linesman's pliers, and pull apart the two sections of the rivet.

Push the central nail of the new rivet's tail piece through the hole in the jeans that is left by the old rivet. Ensure that the base of the tail piece is on the inside of the jeans. Cut off the tip of the nail (if necessary) so that it protrudes from the front of the denim by only 2 millimeters. Use wire cutters.

Rest the rivet's tail piece on a hard object, such as a brick or a concrete floor. Position the rivet cap on top of the nail. Tap the top of the rivet cap with a hammer, until the cap is secured firmly in place on the nail.