Nordic Ware Ice Creamer Instructions

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Nordic Ware's Supremer Ice Creamer is a small non-electric ice cream maker. While you have to plug in most ice cream makers and periodically add ice and salt, this ice cream maker is equipped with a hand crank and requires nothing but the ice cream ingredients, a freezer and you. Follow some simple instructions and soon you will have delicious ice cream, sherbet or frozen yogurt.

Remove the inner metal cylinder from your ice cream maker and take off the plastic ring on top. Place the cylinder inside the freezer and freeze it overnight.

Purchase the necessary ingredients for the ice cream recipe you want to use.

Mix the ingredients according to the recipe's instructions and chill.

Remove the ice cream maker from the freezer and replace the plastic ring by pressing it down section by section with your fingers.

Place the cylinder inside the ice cream maker, lining up the arrows on the plastic ring and the ice creamer's base. The cylinder will fit inside snugly.

Insert the mixing blade into the hole at the bottom of the cylinder.

Pour the chilled ice cream ingredients into the metal cylinder.

Place the lid onto the ice cream maker and turn it counter clockwise until it reaches the locked position.

Turn the crank on the Supremer Ice Creamer clockwise three to five times. Allow the ice cream to sit for a few minutes, then turn the handle again three to five times. Repeat this process for 15 to 20 minutes, or until the handle is hard to turn.

Serve your soft-serve ice cream right away, or pour the ice cream into another container and allow it to freeze for one hour for harder ice cream. Store leftovers in an airtight container in your freezer.