Owner's Instructions for a NuWave Twister

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Attempting to use a NuWave Twister to prepare your favorite dip is pointless if you don't know how to operate it. The NuWave Twister allows you to prepare (and store) small portions of dips, smoothies and spreads without the clumsiness of a large blender. This device does not operate with the push of a button, however, so familiarity with the assembly and proper use of the NuWave Twister will help you avoid blade mishaps, overheating and spills.


Wash the supplies (except the power base) with soap and water before first use to avoid the new plastic smell and taste.

Place the power base on a stable, level working surface to avoid tipping over; do not plug it in.

Prepare ingredients. If the ingredients are solid, break or cut them into 1-inch portions.

Fill the cup size of your choice with the ingredients. Leave room for the blades, and do not overfill the cups.

Attach blade assembly to the cup. The rubber gasket lines up with the bottom-inside of the blade assembly. Screw the blade assembly to the right onto the cup until flush with the gasket for spill-proof contact.

Attach the blade-cup assembly to power base. With the blade side of the assembly down, align the notches on the outside of the blade assembly to alternate with the notches on the inside of the power base. Do not twist the blade-cup assembly so that the blade assembly notches secure under the power base notches.


Plug in the NuWave Twister. This device is only compatible with 120 volt AC electrical outlets.

Blend ingredients. Gently press down on the cup, and turn it to the left so that the blade assembly notches are aligned under the power base notches (turn to the right to stop blending). Only use in increments of five seconds or less to prevent overheating.

Disassemble the device. Wait until the blades stop spinning to remove the assembly from the power base. Unplug the power cord.

Scoop out the blended ingredients. Remove the blade-cup from power base, and flip it so that the blades are the top of the assembly. Unscrew the blades from the cup by turning the blade assembly to the left.

Serve ingredients, or use provided lid for storage.