How to Use a Nordic Ware Omelette Maker in a Microwave

Making omelets is easy using a microwave cooker, which facilitates folding over the omelet by cooking two halves. The Nordic Ware microwave omelet maker eliminates the need for another specialty cooking pan and prevents you from burning the omelet by cooking it on a stove top.


Whisk eggs and water or milk in a bowl. Evenly distribute the beaten eggs into each compartment of the omelet cooker. Place the cooker in a microwave oven and cook on medium setting for two to three minutes.

Carefully remove the omelet cooker from the microwave. Push the cooked edges to the center of the compartment using the spatula. If desired, add the toppings to the center of each compartment. Return omelet cooker to the microwave.

Cook on medium setting for two to four minutes until the edges are set. If a soft omelet is desired, remove the cooker after two minutes to push the cooked edges to the center of the compartment and return to the microwave to continue cooking.

Remove the cooker from the microwave and place contents of one container on a plate. Remove the contents of the other compartment and place this on top of the plated eggs.


Scrape any cooked particles from the sides of the omelet pan using the rubber spatula.

Pour warm water in each compartment and allow them to soak for at least fifteen minutes.

If desired, add liquid dish detergent and gently scrub hardened particles away with a soft scrubber or sponge. Rinse and dry.