How to Use a Cuisinart Waffle Maker

The fresh smell of waffles cooking in the kitchen is so enticing. Family members literally gather at the smell in anticipation of freshly cooked, steaming hot waffles. Cuisinart has become a trusted brand name for kitchen appliances. Using a Cuisinart waffle iron enables you to make waffles quickly that are the perfect texture and taste.

Follow the directions to your favorite waffle recipe and mix a batch in a bowl. Place the bowl in the refrigerator.

Close the Cuisinart waffle iron. Plug in the kitchen appliance. Select a temperature setting for how well done you want the waffles. Most recipes will call for a setting of 4.

Wait for the green indicator light to turn on. This light lets you know the Cuisinart waffle iron is preheated to cook the waffles. Open the Cuisinart waffle iron. Lightly spray the top and bottom griddles with a non-stick cooking spray of your choice.

Remove the bowl of waffle batter from the refrigerator. Evenly pour two cups of waffle mix on the bottom griddle. Close the Cuisinart waffle iron.

Wait for the red indicator light to turn on and the tone to sound. This will let you know the waffles are fully cooked. Use a plastic spatula to remove the cooked waffles.

Lightly spray the top and bottom griddles of the Cuisinart waffle iron. Repeat adding batter and cooking until you have the desired number of waffles or run out of waffle batter.