How to Use a Probe Cooking Thermometer

Using a cooking or meat thermometer measures the internal temperature of meats and egg dishes. It's not only necessary to check the temperature in order to destroy harmful bacteria in your food, but it ensures your food is cooked to precision every time. The U.S. Department of Agriculture reports that temperature is the only accurate way to calculate whether food is fully cooked. Using a probe cooking thermometer is perfect because it gives a to-the-second readout of the internal food temperature and an audio/visual alert when the set temperature is reached.

Insert the probe into the center of the food item, about halfway in for food dishes prepared in the oven or barbeque.

Put the dish in the oven or barbeque and shut the door/lid, covering directly over the unit’s sensor cable.

Set the temperature alert according to USDA recommended cooking temperatures for safety.

Wait for the audio/visual alert to tell you when your food is done.