How to Assemble a Food Mill

Think of a food mill as the original food processor. Food mills enable you to grind foods without using an electrical outlet. They are perfect for making homemade baby food, but in order to use a food mill, it must be properly put together.

Lay the disks out on the kitchen counter next to the food mill.

Select the disk you need. The smaller the holes in the disk, the finer the grating.

Place the selected disk into the center of the food mill. The pointed or convex side will be facing up.

Put the holding pin through the center of the disk to hold it in place.

Use your food mill over a mixing bowl or cooking pot by putting food into the top and turning the rotating handle. The food will fall out of the bottom of the food mill.

Pull the pin out of the center of the disk and remove the disk for cleaning. Be sure to wash the rest of the food mill as well in soap and water.