How to Cook With a Gas Fireplace

Cooking on a gas fireplace is a great way to enjoy food. Whether you want to cook on the fireplace in order to add a smoky quality to the food or you simply want to cook around a fire socially, it is a relatively simple process. Be aware, however, that the process differs from cooking on a fireplace that does not use gas; on a gas fireplace, you should only use closed cooking apparatuses in order to protect yourself from harmful fumes.

Light the gas fireplace. If the fire also uses wood for fuel, ensure that the fireplace is well-stocked with dry wood.

Select the food you will cook. Place it in the pot and close the container. It is crucial to close the container, as harmful fumes could potentially get into the food otherwise.

Once the fire has started, set the pot on top of logs in order to heat the food. Let the food sit until it is fully cooked. Food cooked on the fireplace needs to be cooked for a longer period of time than food cooked directly on a stovetop.

Remove the pot from the fire. Check to see if it is fully cooked. If not, set the pot back into the fire and continue to cook it until it is finished.

Once the food is fully cooked, turn the fire off. Do not leave the fireplace unattended without a screen covering it.