How to Use Mesquite Chips on an Electric Grill

While electric grills are convenient, easy to maintain and are often the only type of grill allowed by condominium associations and apartment complexes, they do lack a bit of the flavor that charcoal or gas grills provide. One easy way to inject your food with flavor is to use wood chips to give a robust, smoky taste to your steaks, burgers, chicken and other grilled fare. Mesquite is one popular type of wood chip available.

Soak your mesquite wood chips in water an hour or so before cooking. Soaking the chips will allow them to burn longer, providing a more uniform smoke.

Preheat the grill. You'll want to get the chips smoking before you begin grilling, otherwise your food might be done before you see that first swath of smoke. Set the grill on high.

Drain the wood chips and let them drip dry for several minutes. Place them in your smoker box. You may opt to use the box with or without its lid.

Place the smoker box on the center rear of your grill once the grill has reached high heat. If available, open the smoke vent on top of the grill so that you can see when they begin steadily smoking.

Allow some time for the wood chips to begin smoking before you start cooking. This could take anywhere from ten minutes to half an hour. Avoid frequently taking the lid on and off and check at ten or 15-minute intervals, if needed.

After the chips begin smoking, adjust the heat as needed and begin grilling. For the smokiest flavor, avoid taking the lid on and off except when necessary to check or turn the food.