How do I Cook With the Brinkmann Gas Grill?

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The Brinkmann Corporation makes a variety of outdoor equipment, such as outdoor lighting, smokers, hunting clothing and grills. Brinkmann makes gas grills of all shapes and sizes, ranging from smaller models with two burners to larger models with six burners. There are stainless steel models, porcelain models, standard gas grills and tailgate model gas grills. Regardless of your model type, you operate them in the same way.

Connect the propane tank to the grill. Make sure that the burner knobs are in the "Off" position and place the propane tank in the propane tank holder underneath the grill. Ensure that the propane tank is in the closed position and attach the grill regulator to the opening on the propane tank by inserting the regulator into the opening and twisting the connector clockwise until it stops.

Ensure that the burner knobs are in the "Off" position and open the lid to your Brinkmann grill. This will allow any excess gas that may be inside the grill to escape before you light the grill.

Open the valve on the propane tank. Twist the valve on top of the propane tank counter-clockwise to allow the propane to flow to the grill burners.

Turn one of the burners to the "High" position. Depending on your Brinkmann gas grill model, you can use any burner to start the grill or you may have to use a specific burner to start the grill. For instance, ProSeries models 2310 and 2700 allow you to use any burner to start the grill, but a ProSeries 2235 requires you to start the grill with the center burner.

Push the Brinkmann gas grill igniter to create a flame on the burner. Hold the igniter down for no longer than five seconds to light the grill. If the grill does not light after five seconds, turn off the gas and let the gas that has built up in the grill evacuate, then try the lighting procedure again.

Light the remaining burners. If you have a grill that does not have a designated initial burner, then you must light the additional burners using the same method as the initial burner. If there is a designated initial burner, such as in a ProSeries 2235, the remaining burners will turn on when you turn them to the "High" position.

Close the lid of the grill and allow it to cook on "High" for ten to fifteen minutes to cook any impurities off of the grill. After the impurities have been cooked off, put your food on the grill.