How to Light a Hibachi Grill

Hibachi grills provide a simple, economical outdoor grilling option to people with limited patio space, such as those who live in apartments or condominiums, according to Ace Hardware. The Japanese-inspired grill's small size makes it easy to set it up quickly and cook in limited space. Hibachis should be used only with smaller cuts of meat since larger cuts may not cook properly. Lighting a hibachi requires charcoal, lighter fluid, and a long-handled lighter or match for safety's sake.

Remove the top grill and lay a pyramid of charcoal briquettes on the bottom. To determine how many briquettes to use, spread some evenly across the bottom of the grill in one layer before stacking them.

Spray just enough lighter fluid over the briquettes to coat them lightly. Mark Dale of Hibachi Grills recommends about half a cup. They should turn slightly darker when they come in contact with the fluid. Do not let the lighter fluid land anywhere but in the grill.

Wait a few minutes for the fluid to penetrate the briquettes.

Light the briquettes with a long-handled match or lighter to keep you a safe distance from the fluid when it ignites.