How to Smoke Pork on a Gas Grill

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If you want to smoke meats such as pork to tender perfection on a gas grill, you'll need a cast iron smoker box, available at hardware stores and specialty shops that cater to the backyard chef. The smoker box fits inside the gas grill over one of the burners and contains wood chips that have been soaked in water. Under the heat of the grill, the moist wood begins to smoke, producing aromatic and flavorful meats that are falling-off-the-bone tender.

Remove the cooking grates on the grill to rearrange the lava rocks or ceramic briquettes to one side. This is the side you will use for heating.

Soak two to three cups of wood chips in a pan of water for at least an hour before you are read to cook. Any type of wood chips may be used, although hickory and apple are perennial favorites for smoking pork.

Drain the water and place half the chips in the smoker box. Lower the smoker box onto the lava rocks or ceramic briquettes arranged on one side of your grill.

Replace the cooking grates and ignite the grill using only the burner with the lava rocks or briquettes. When the wood chips begin to smoke in the smoker box, reduce the heat by turning the burner control knobs to low.

Arrange the pork on the cooking grate away from the direct heat and smoker box, then lower the lid on the grill and adjust the vents to circulate smoke.

Smoke the pork on the covered grill for approximately 20 minutes per pound. Add more soaked and drained wood chips each hour, or more frequently if necessary to sustain the smoke.

Pierce the pork with a meat thermometer in the thickest section of the roast, ribs or chops. The meat is done when it registers an internal temperature of at least 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

Transfer the smoked pork to a serving platter using tongs and hot mitts. Shut off the grill.