How to Cook Halibut on Wooden Planks

Greenland halibut, fish fillet

KayTaenzer/iStock/Getty Images

Grilling halibut fillets on wooden planks not only enhances the flavor of fish, but also adds an enticing aroma. Additionally, the wood surface is useful for cooking this delicate fare, which might otherwise fall apart on the grill. Once the fish is finished cooking, the wooden plank doubles as a unique serving platter. This impressive style of cooking adds flair to a delicious meal.

Soak the wooden plank, completely submerged, in cold water for an hour.

Preheat your grill to medium temperature.

Brush or rub oil on all sides of the halibut fillets.

Rub salt and pepper on all sides of the fillets.

Place the halibut fillets on the wooden plank, leaving space between each fillet to ensure even cooking. The fish should fit on the plank without hanging over the edges. If the fillets have skins, place skin-side down.

Grill the fillets over medium heat for about 12 minutes, or until they no longer look opaque and flake easily with a fork. There is no need to flip the fish during cooking; keep the grill lid closed to intensify the smoke flavor and maintain the temperature.