How Do I Cook a Hot Dog on a Fire?

A perfect camping food is hot dogs roasted over an open fire. Keep in mind that if you are bringing hot dogs along for a camping excursion, the meat needs to be kept cold until cooking time. You can use sticks to hold the hot dogs in place; you can also bring skewers with you. To avoid overcooking and to stay safe while preparing the hot dogs, keep the meat a couple of inches away from the fire.

Place dry wood in your fire pit. Remove any surrounding brush and foliage. If the fire pit is not dug into the ground, use rocks or bricks to create a barrier from the wind. Light the fire and add pieces of dry wood as needed to keep it going.

Slice the hot dogs to the center of the meat. Do not slice all the way through or you will not be able to skewer the meat.

Place the hot dogs on the sticks or skewers. Press the meat down until it is secured on the wood. You don’t want to lose the hot dog to the fire when you begin cooking.

Cook the hot dog over the fire. Keep rotating the stick during the cooking process. This helps cook the meat evenly without burning one side. Hot dogs are precooked, so you will not have to leave them over the fire for more than two to four minutes. The hot dog is ready once the outside is bubbling and browned.

Remove the hot dog from the heat. Use a fork or knife to slide the hot dog off of the stick. Place on a bun if you have brought them along. Top with any desired condiments, including relish, mustard or ketchup.