Instructions for an Emeril Cast-Iron Smoker

Beef steak cooking in a cast-iron grill pan. image by kuhar from

Cooking with cast iron enables you to cook food slowly using low heat. This “slow and low” cooking method results in tender, flavorful meat. Emeril’s cast-iron smoker is designed to add smoke flavor to meat without the mess and inconvenience of a full-size smoker. Both the four-in-one and five-in-one smokers feature a lid that can also be used as a grill or placed under a broiler. Both are pre-seasoned to provide a nonstick cooking surface, although cast iron does need to be seasoned each time it is used.


Rinse the smoker with warm water and mild dish soap before using it for the first time. Clean all ridges and surfaces with a sponge or brush. This removes any residue left from the manufacturing process and enables you to continue seasoning your smoker.

Place the smoker in a warm oven to dry. Turn off the oven so that the smoker cools.

Coat the entire smoker with a thin layer of vegetable oil once it is cool enough to handle carefully.

Wipe the smoker with a paper towels to remove any excess oil.

Season your smoker using steps 2 through 4 before each use and after you clean it.


Preheat your stovetop or oven according to the recipe. Preheat the smoker by placing it on the stovetop or in the oven as it is warming. Failure to do this could damage your smoker.

Remove the smoker from the heat using potholders. Remove the cover, drip pan and grilling rack. Place wood chips in the bottom of the smoker, and then return the drip pan and grilling rack to the smoker.

Add food according to your recipe.

Place the lid on the smoker so that it is slightly askew and place the smoker on or in the heat source.

Reposition the lid over the smoker’s opening when you see wisps of smoke coming from it.

Cook according to your recipe until the food has reached the desired stage.


Wash your smoker with warm water and a soft brush after each use.

Season your smoker as described in steps 2 through 4 of section 1 and store it in a cool, dry place.

Place paper towels on top of your smoker to absorb any excess moisture.

Use fine steel wool or sandpaper to remove any rust spots if they start to develop.