How to Clean an Oven Liner

Many residential and commercial cooks use an oven liner when cooking and baking foods inside an oven. An oven liner is a tray or pad placed on an oven’s bottom rack to catch food and liquid spills before the spills can collect and burn on the hard-to-clean oven bottom. As an oven liner has a nonstick coating, cleaning it typically requires little work—you need only wipe or wash away any food or spills once the liner has cooled.

Turn off your oven and wait for it to cool if necessary.

Remove the oven liner from the oven. Open the oven door and slide out the bottom rack. Grasp the sides of the liner and lift it from the rack.

Clean the liner. Wipe the liner with a damp cloth or wash with warm water and a soapy, lint-free microfiber cloth. Rinse under warm running water or with a damp cloth and then wipe dry.

Return the liner to the bottom rack of your oven.