How to Add Wheels to a Backpack

backpack image by Galyna Andrushko from

When you travel, you often want to have the ability to move with ease with your luggage. Some people like to carry backpacks, but they can become burdensome and heavy to carry. You can alter your backpack and add wheels to the bottom of it to make it easier to move. The added mobility can come in handy in certain circumstances.

Lay out the backpack on a flat surface. Line up the casters on the bottom of the backpack closest to the outer perimeter of the bag. Use the marker to mark the spots where you will drill holes on the casters; also mark corresponding points on the backpack where the casters will be attached.

Drill the holes in the casters based on the markings you made. Make sure you use the right size drill bit for the size of the caster plate. This will ensure that the screws will fit properly.

Take the hammer and nail punch and push through the backpack fabric. These holes will be where you attach the grommets.

Use the grommet kit to install the grommets into the holes that you’ve just added to the backpack. Make sure these are secured tightly.

Place the casters on the center of each of the holes and insert small threaded bolts into the casters. Push the bolts through the holes from inside the backpack to the outer edge, not outer-edge-in. Tighten the bolt nuts on the bottom of the bolts with the wrench and make sure the caster plates are secured tightly.