How to Keep Waffles Hot at a Brunch

Savory vegetable waffles with cheese and herbs


Freshly made waffles are a delectable treat for brunch. Crispy on the outside and pillowy soft on the inside, they are best enjoyed hot out of the waffle press. When you're serving a lot of people, however, it's a challenge to keep a large batch of waffles warm for your guests to enjoy. Make good use of your oven and a warming tray to satisfy a hungry crowd.

Warm Oven

Keep waffles warm in a 200-degree Fahrenheit oven -- but don't just pile them in. Arrange them in a single layer on baking sheets to keep them from turning soggy from steam. Place multiple baking sheets of waffles on separate racks in the oven. Remove hot and crispy waffles to a serving platter as needed.

Warming Trays

Purchase or rent an electric warming tray to keep waffles hot. Simply place cooked waffles in the covered tray and set the heat to medium. Or light a warming tray that uses a cooking fuel, which will stay lit as long as there is fuel or a candle to burn.

Keep Those Waffles Crispy

Avoid placing a towel over waffles fresh off the iron. The heat from the covered waffle will get trapped, further steaming the waffle and leading to soggy waffles. Instead, allow the waffles to cool for a couple of minutes before placing them in the oven or a warming tray.