How Long Do Ears of Corn Take to Roast in a Campfire? Images

Nothing rounds out a summer meal like a piece of freshly cooked corn on the cob. Don't pass on this special treat when camping -- roast corn on your campfire and you can have ears ready to eat in around 20 minutes. Prepare the ears of corn, grab some aluminum foil and put the corn directly on the coals to roast to perfection while you prepare the rest of your meal.

Corn Over the Campfire

Over a campfire, corn takes about 20 minutes to cook. Use hot coals for roasting corn, rather than direct flames which will scorch the corn and not cook it uniformly. Lock in moisture and ensure even cooking by wrapping corn cobs with both the original husk and aluminum foil to effectively steam the corn and keep it tender and moist. Place the prepared cobs directly on the embers and surround them with ashes and hot embers to speed the cooking process without burning the corn.