How Much Malted Milk Powder Do You Put Into Waffle Mix?

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Diner, hotel and food service industry waffles have a distinct sweetness to them you can duplicate at home. That signature flavor, somewhere between caramel and light molasses, comes from malted milk powder and not table sugar. Combined with melted butter and maple syrup, your homemade malted waffles are sure to taste fresh off a chef's griddle. Achieving the right ratio of malted milk powder to flour is key.

Malted Milk Sweetened Waffles

When making waffle batter from scratch, 1/2 cup of malted milk powder for every 1 3/4 cups of unbleached all-purpose flour is a ratio that yields moderately sweet waffles. Taste the batter after combining wet and dry ingredients, then add more malted milk powder in small increments if you want sweeter waffles.

Adding Malted Milk Powder to Boxed Waffle Mix

Some supermarket brands of waffle mix already contain malted milk powder. If you prefer your waffles on the sweet side and served merely with a little fresh fruit, you can add extra malted milk powder to a boxed waffle mix. Add the malted milk powder in increments of tablespoons and only after you have already mixed the wet and dry ingredients thoroughly. Doing so allows you to taste the batter while achieving the level of sweetness you desire.