How to Flavor White Cake Mix With Lemonade

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Turn a plain boxed cake mix into a lemon-scented treat with the addition of lemonade concentrate. Use the frozen stuff or mix in powdered lemonade drink mix. Pink lemonade concentrate gives any type of white or yellow cake mix a rosy hue. Add a few tablespoons of the lemonade concentrate to plain vanilla icing for a complementary topping.

Step 1

Prepare the cake mix according to recipe instructions, adding water, vegetable oil and eggs as directed.

Step 2

Add the frozen lemonade concentrate or lemonade powder to the batter. Include 3/4 cup of thawed lemonade concentrate or 3 tablespoons of lemonade powder for one package of cake mix. Make sure the lemonade concentrate is completely thawed before adding it to the batter.

Step 3

Pour the batter into a prepared cake pan or muffin tin, then bake according to directions for the mix.