How to Add Fresh Cranberries to Any Cake Mix

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Cranberries are rich in antioxidants and vitamins C, E and K, making them a healthy and flavorful addition to basic cake recipes. Canned cranberries typically have too much added sugar and dried ones lose a good portion of their moistness during baking, so choose fresh berries to add a tangy burst of flavor to your cake mix.

Tart and Tangy

Whether you are using a prepackaged cake mix or making your own from scratch, it is easy to add fresh, tart cranberries before popping the cake into the oven. Follow directions for creating the batter, then fold the fresh cranberries gently into the mixture. Chop them into smaller pieces first and toss them in flour to make them blend well with the batter. If you are working from a recipe that calls for dried cranberries, substitute fresh ones and double the amount listed. For example, use one-half cup of fresh cranberries in place of one-quarter cup of dried ones in a recipe.