How Many Calories Are in Angel Food Cake?

If you're watching your waistline but still want to enjoy the occasional piece of cake, angel food is a smart choice. Despite its relatively friendly calorie count, however, angel food cake is still high in added sugar. Stick to just one slice, and top it with berries or mangoes for added vitamins and minerals.

Calorie Information

Different recipes yield different calorie counts, but the average store-bought angel food cake contains about 72 calories per serving of one-twelfth of a cake. If you make yours from a mix, it may have more calories. On average, prepared angel food cake mixes contain 128 calories per serving. For comparison, the same serving of chocolate cake prepared from a mix contains about 352 calories. Whipped cream adds about 8 calories per tablespoon, while 1/2 cup of sliced strawberries will add 27 calories.