Calories in Dark Chocolate Truffles

Gourmet Fancy Dark Chocolate Truffle Candy

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Dark chocolate truffles melt in your mouth for a delectable dessert or indulgent snack. But as with most sweet, rich foods, these candies are high in calories and fat, which can spell trouble if you're watching your waistline. If you can't resist the temptation, stick to just one truffle. They're relatively small and are therefore a smarter choice than a standard-sized candy bar or scoop of chocolate ice cream.

Calorie Content

Calories vary according to size and ingredients, but the average homemade truffle candy is 12 grams and contains about 61 calories. A dark-chocolate truffle from a major commercial manufacturer contains about 77 calories in the same serving size. Unfortunately, truffles don't lend themselves well to light recipes, so there's little you can do to reduce the calorie count. The smooth texture requires cream and butter, both of which are loaded with calories.