How to Use a Maxim Electric Crepe Maker

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Crepes are handy desserts, breakfast items or party hors d'oeuvres. With cooking time just under a minute each, they can be served to a large group without the host spending hours in the kitchen. According to the manufacturer, the Maxim electric crepe maker is like an inverted frying pan. A non-stick cooking surface and a "Ready" light help make the ideal crepe. Follow directions carefully. Crepes are easily ruined because they're thin and delicate. Avoid overcooking and uneven batter on the cooking surface

Wipe the non-stick surface with oil or butter on a paper towel. This only needs to be done before the first use.

Prepare the batter according to your favorite crepe recipe.

Plug the Maxim crepe maker into a 120 volt AC outlet. Let it preheat until the "Ready" light comes on. This should take about 3 minutes. While it's preheating, pour the batter into a shallow dish or pie pan that's slightly larger than the crepe maker's cooking surface.

Turn the crepe maker upside down and dip it into the batter at a slight angle. Turn it back to quickly coat the surface nearly to the edge. Set the crepe maker on its legs and allow it to cook the crepe. The "Ready" light should turn off after dipping it in the batter.

Invert the crepe maker over a plate covered with a paper towel or napkin when it's finished. You'll know it's done when the light turns back on, when it almost stops steaming or when the edges are slightly brown. If the crepe does not drop off easily, use a knife or fork to loosen it at the edge. Don't force or scrape the crepe or it'll tear.