How to Steam Vegetables in an Electric Steamer

For years we have been told that raw vegetables are healthier than those that are cooked. However, according to the results of an Italian study, published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, cooking vegetables may actually increase the release of more nutrients. In fact, the study found that steaming broccoli aided in the release of more glucosinolates, the cancer-fighting organic compound that broccoli is loaded with. Get the benefits of steamed vegetables by preparing them yourself in an electric steamer.

Measure the amount of liquid required, according to the electric steamer instruction booklet, and pour it into the pot. Most vegetables require at least a quarter of a cup of liquid. Alternatives to water include broth, soy sauce and juice. Adding herbs and spices to the water lends flavor to the vegetables.

Place the steaming tray into the cooker and load it with the vegetables. Cover the cooker with the lid.

Press the "cook" switch into the down position. Do not remove the lid during cooking. When the cooker automatically switches into the "warm" mode, the cooking is complete.

Remove the vegetables, carefully, and immediately to avoid overcooking.