How to Fix a Snag In Cotton Pants

A simple snag on a pair of pants can certainly take away from a neat looking appearance. One option to the problem is to find a trustworthy professional seamstress or tailor. This involves delivering the pants and picking them up after the repair has been made. Plus, there is the cost of the repair. Repairing the snag yourself will save you time and money and you will probably amaze yourself with the results.

Turn the pants inside out.

Reach inside the pants and locate the snagged thread.

Insert a threaded needle into the exact location of the snag. Pull the threaded needle through the hole, but leave a long tail of thread.

Loop the thread gently around the snagged thread and pull back through the pants in the exact hole that you inserted the needle into. Hold onto the tail of thread that is on the needle so that it does not pull through.

Pull the threaded needle with the snagged thread attached until the snagged thread is completely on the wrong side of the pants.

Remove the threaded needle from the snagged thread. Do not cut the snagged thread.

Turn the pants so the right side is facing out.

Stretch the area around the hole by pulling the fabric in different directions. This will ensure there is no gap in the fabric.