How to Make a Baby Cake From Towels and Blankets

by Ronnie Dauber ; Updated September 28, 2017

Top a baby blanket cake with small gift items.

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You can make a creative non-edible cake for a baby shower with a variety of useful gifts for the mother-to-be. The cake is three tiers tall and consists of a bottom tier of baby blankets rolled together, a middle tier of rolled baby towels and a top tier of rolled receiving blankets. This creative gift is easy to make and presents the mother with most of the baby blankets and towels she will need when her newborn arrives. Find out the guest of honor’s favorite colors and build a baby cake customized to the new mother.

Lay out a baby blanket on a flat surface. Fold the blanket in half lengthwise to make a thinner, long blanket. Fold the blanket in half lengthwise once more. Repeat this step to fold a total of three baby blankets.

Place two blankets side by side with the short ends touching each other. Use two safety pins to connect the ends of the two blankets that are touching. Place another blanket beside the joined blankets with the short ends touching. Attach this blanket with safety pins as well.

Begin at one end of the joined blankets and roll up the blankets like a jellyroll. Insert a safety pin to keep the outside end of the last blanket attached to the roll. Wrap a 2-inch-wide ribbon around the roll and tie the ribbon ends in a bow to hide the safety pin.

Lay a baby towel on a flat surface and fold it in half lengthwise. Fold it in half again. Repeat this step with three more baby towels. (If the towels are made of a thick, plush material, only fold two more towels.)

Place the folded towels end to end with the short ends touching and pin the edges together. Roll the joined towels into a jellyroll shape and pin the outside end in place with a safety pin. Wrap a 2-inch-wide ribbon around the roll and tie it in a bow to hide the pin.

Fold a baby receiving blanket in half lengthwise and then in half lengthwise again. Repeat this step with two more receiving blankets.

Lay the blankets end to end and attach the short ends with safety pins. Roll the blankets up like a jelly roll and pin the end of the last towel to the roll. Wrap a 2-inch-wide ribbon around the roll. Tie the ribbon in a bow over the safety pin.

Place the baby blanket roll on a cake tray and stack the baby towel roll on top of the baby blanket roll. Stack the receiving blanket roll on top of the baby towel roll.

Top the cake with a silk flower or stuffed animal.

Wrap the entire cake in tulle netting and tie the netting closed with a 2-inch-wide ribbon.


  • For extra decoration, you can add small baby items, such as teething rings and pacifiers to the edges of the tiers.

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