How to Wrap Individual Pieces of Wedding Cake

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Wedding cake is traditionally saved to be eaten on the first anniversary. You can save the top layer of the cake or simply save a few slices to enjoy later. If you miss out on eating the cake during the reception, take a few slices back to the hotel with you later on. You don't need to wrap the cake securely if you are going to eat it within a few hours.

Wrapping for a Short Time

Place the piece of cake on a plate. If you are taking it from the reception, make sure the plate is disposable.

Unfold a paper napkin and lay it over the piece of cake. If the napkin is not large enough to cover the whole plate, use two napkins.

Fold the corners of the napkin under the plate and set it down. The weight of the plate and cake will keep the napkin on top of the cake.

Wrapping for a Long Time

Remove any inedible decorations that may be on top of the cake slice. Place the cake on a plate and put it in the freezer for a few hours. This will harden any frosting enough so it won't get messed up when you wrap it.

Remove the cake slice from the freezer and take it off the plate. Wrap it with several layers of plastic wrap. There should be no openings in the plastic wrap where the cake shows through.

Wrap the slice of cake in several layers of aluminum foil. Again, there should be no openings in the foil; it should completely cover the cake several times.

Place the wrapped cake slice into a freezer bag. If you have several slices you are wrapping, they can all go in one bag.

Put the cake into the back of the freezer where it will stay frozen.