How to Cut a Birthday Cake

Ariel da Silva Parreira

On the day we are born we receive the date that will be our official birthday for the rest of our lives. Each year we often celebrate it with family and friends. We may have a party in our homes or go out to a special dinner at a restaurant. The day climaxes when a birthday cake is brought out and everyone sings the "Happy Birthday" song. You make a wish and blow out the candles and get ready to eat the cake. Before you can eat the cake, someone has to cut it.

Place the birthday cake directly in front you.

Take your knife and cut with the tip of the knife facing downward. This means that you are holding your knife at an angle. Start at the top of the cake and cut straight down to the opposite end of the cake in a line. This is your vertical cut.

Cut a line from left to right through the middle of the cake. This is your horizontal cut. You should now have a "t" cut in front of you.

Cut an "X" in the cake by cutting the top left corner down to the bottom right corner. Then cut the top right corner down to the bottom left corner.

Use your pie cutter to carefully lift each piece of cake up and out onto a plate. The pie cutter is the perfect shape and will get the piece out without it falling apart.

Wet your knife to cut an ice cream cake and then follow Steps 2 through 5.