How to Cut the Wedding Cake With a Sword

by Cheyenne Cartwright ; Updated September 28, 2017

Most often, when the bride and groom cut the first slice of their wedding cake with a sword, it’s because the groom, the bride or both are in the military. But any newlywed couple can use a sword to cut the cake. Since the groom has most of the responsibilities, he should take the following actions.

Presuming that the bride is right-handed, stand to her left, both of you facing the cake.

Unsheathe the sword and hold it in your right hand, with the cutting edge turned away from your body.

Place the sword over your left forearm, with the handle toward your bride, and extend your arm out to her.

Have the bride take the handle of the sword in both hands and place the cutting edge on the cake.

Put your right hand on top of the bride's hands and, working together, cut the cake.


  • If your wedding cake has multiple tiers, ask the baker for advice about where you should cut the first slice. Be sure the sword is clean before using it to cut the cake, and clean it thoroughly before putting it back in the scabbard as well. Also, if the sword is part of a military dress uniform, it is against military regulations to decorate the sword in any way—no ribbons or flowers tied to the hilt, for instance.