How to Wrap Utensils in a Napkin, Restaurant Style

by M.T. Wroblewski
Simple, creative napkin wraps are "bound" to please your guests.

Simple, creative napkin wraps are "bound" to please your guests.

It’s probably fair to say that more people would wrap utensils in a napkin, restaurant style, if there weren’t so many steps involved in the fussy process. But here’s the word: "Napkin wraps” can be surprisingly simple, with minimal steps and minimal folds that look as though you put forth maximum effort. All you have to do is decide whether you want your utensils to be visible or exposed. Then choose from two simple but elegant “napkin wraps” that can suit both informal and formal gatherings.

Replicate a Winning Design

Lay a square napkin on a flat surface right in front of you. Take the bottom right corner and bring it up to the top left corner. The napkin should now form a triangle. Line up the bottom edge of the triangle right in front of you.

Place the spoon along the middle of the bottom edge of the napkin so it points to your right. Put the knife and fork right next to the spoon.

Bring the left corner of the napkin up and over the utensils. Bring the right corner of the napkin up and fold it over the utensils. The napkin should now resemble a little house, with the utensils facing you and the “roof” overhead.

Grasp the “foundation” -- or the bottom edge of the napkin -- and roll it up to secure the napkin. Wrap a tie or ribbon around the middle, if you like, for a finishing touch. Or place the napkin wrap with the open edge on the table or plate face down, just like a restaurant.

Make a First and Lasting Impression

Lay a square napkin on a flat surface. Rotate it slightly to the right so one of the four points faces you.

Raise the bottom corner of the napkin about three-quarters of the way up the napkin. Gently crease the bottom edge with your hand -- if it’s a paper napkin -- or place a utensil on top of it to hold it in place.

Place the utensils in the center of the napkin. The tops of the utensils should extend over the top of the napkin, just as the bottoms should fall right below the bottom edge of the napkin.

Fold the right corner over the utensils. Do the same with the left corner. Tie the napkin wrap with a ribbon or colored rubber band. Make the fit tight enough so the utensils do not fall out of the bottom of the wrap.

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