How to Teach Tea Party Etiquette to Girls

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A tea party is a fun affair for girls who like to socialize. When girls are small, etiquette is less important. Teddy bears and dolls make up the tea party guest lists. As children get older, it is nice to teach them proper tea manners. Good tea party etiquette will make every tea party feel special to every guest. Hold a teaching tea party to show young ladies how to properly take tea at public events. Teaching tea parties are perfect for a birthday celebration or a girls’ organization activity. Keep kids’ attention by making your lesson short.

Prepare Tables

Cover tables with fabric tablecloths. The cloths should not be so long that they pose a tripping hazard for children.

Place enough chairs around the table for every guest to sit. If entertaining more than six guests, then set a second table. It is important that all guests have elbow room.

Place folded cloth napkins at each place. Place a place card with the child’s name on it on top of the napkin.

Set a teacup on top of a saucer above the place setting, one for each child. Place a tiny teacup spoon in each saucer.

Set your teapot filled with tea along with sugar container and creamer in the center of the table.

Holding the Party

Have guests identify their seats by looking at the place cards. Each girl should stand behind her chair until the host is seated. The host leads the way by pulling out her chair first and seating herself. Then guests push back the tablecloth and slide in the chair from the left side.

Instruct children to take the napkin and unfold it. Then tell the children to place the napkin in their laps.

Ask the host to stand and welcome the guests or say a short prayer.

Tell the children to quietly place their teacups and saucers in front of them.

Pass the teapot to the right and instruct children to fill their cups two-thirds full. They should hold the lid on with their left hand and pour by holding the handle with the right hand. Pass the sugar and the creamer to the right and tell children to use their spoons to add one spoon or two if they like. Pass the sandwich plates one at a time to the right until everyone has one. Then pass the serving plate of sandwiches and ask each girl to take one sandwich.