How to Give a Champagne Toast at a Wedding

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In the hustle and bustle of a wedding reception, the champagne toast is a chance for the people closest to the newlyweds to publicly congratulate them and share their love. Each couple may ask different people to give a toast, but generally the best man is the first to speak, followed by the maid of honor. The bride and groom's parents may also give toasts. With so many people giving toasts, each one should last no more than a few minutes.

Write your toast out on note cards before the reception. When all eyes are on you, you'll be glad to have a written speech to read from.

Make sure all the guests have champagne. If waiters are bringing around filled glasses, wait until everyone has been served to begin speaking. If the couple has opted to place bottles of champagne on the table, spread the word a few minutes before toasting that guests should fill their glasses.

Test the microphone to ensure that it's on and working. Hold it several inches away from your mouth.

Look down at your notes before starting to remind yourself of the first few lines. Refreshing your memory guarantees you can speak the beginning of your toast while looking directly at the couple.

Deliver the rest of the toast while alternately looking at the couple and your note cards. Look out into the crowd occasionally as well so guests will feel included.

Ask the guests to join you in raising their glasses to the happy couple. Raise your glass up in the air, tap it against the glasses of any people who are standing nearby and take a drink. Give a hug or kiss to the bride and groom if they're nearby, then pass the microphone on to the next toaster or turn it off.