How to End a Wedding Toast

by Nicola Gordon-Thaxter ; Updated September 28, 2017

A toast to the happy couple should be meaningful and avoid embarrassment.

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Wedding toasts are typically beautiful speeches that honor the newlyweds with good wishes. A well-done toast can leave the happy couple with pleasant memories for a lifetime but a good toast can be spoiled by a bad ending. To wrap up a wedding toast well, it is best to end on a meaningful note. You can do this with a proverb, a poem or special song, or simply by expressing heartfelt best wishes for the future.

Summarize the speech you made to the couple.

State your final point. This could be an anecdote about the bride or the groom, or both of them. Make sure that this point has special meaning for the couple and expresses your good feelings towards them. If you are much older than the bride and groom and have been successfully married yourself for many years, you might want to end with a useful tip on how to remain happy.

Raise your glass as an indicator that you are about to drink a toast. Wait until everyone's glass has been filled.

Wish the couple well and encourage the wedding guests to repeat what you say. This might be something like, "A long and happy marriage to Mike and Trish."

Clink your glass with the person next to you and drink the toast, waiting until everyone at the head table has finished, and then sit down.


  • Make the toast between 3 and 5 minutes long.

    Keep eye contact with the bride and groom throughout the toast.

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