Maid of Honor Speech Ideas for Sisters

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In addition to helping your bride-to-be sister shop for her wedding gown and assisting her during her big day, the Maid of Honor also toasts the couple after the Best Man during the wedding reception. As you write and edit your speech in the weeks or months preceding the wedding, reflect on the memories you share with your sister to craft a speech that will resonate with the married couple and all of their guests.

Essentials to the Maid of Honor's Speech

Express your gratitude to the married couple for choosing you as the Maid of Honor and thank their guests for coming when you begin your speech. Spread well wishes for the couple throughout your speech. Conclude your speech by toasting the married couple or encouraging the guests to applaud. Avoid negative comments in your speech and focus on the positive. Keep your toast to a time limit of a few minutes. Inform the crowd of your relation to your sister when you begin your speech, as the groom's side may not know who you are. Ask your sister if she wants you to address anything important in your speech, such as inviting guests to eat when you finish your speech.

Humorous Speech Ideas

Choose stories for your speech that reflect on your relationship with your sister and that cast her in an amusing light. Inform the bride-to-be of your ideas before you include them in your speech. You do not want to use stories that will only serve to hurt or embarrass your sister on her wedding day. Stories about a time in which you both misread a map and ended up in the wrong location or you got your sister into trouble with your parents could serve as a humorous backdrop to your speech.

Serious Speech Ideas

Think of events or problems that you and your sister have solved together. Did she always help you with your homework or assist you through a serious illness? Did your sister take the blame for you when your parents were unhappy about something that you did? Explain the situation and express your gratitude. You may even emphasize how these personality traits, such as your sister's helpful attitude, persist today.

Speeches about the Bride and Groom

Tell a story about the first time that you met the groom. If your impressions of the groom were positive or you thought that he would make a good husband for your sister, share this with the crowd. You may also explain to the guests how your sister and her husband first met or when they first fell in love. If desired, you can include quotes about love or your advice to the married couple in your speech.