How to Make a Toast to the Bride From a Sister

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It is natural for a sister of the bride to want to honor her sibling’s special day with a toast. If the sister is the maid of honor, she may toast after the best man. If she is not an attendant, she may toast after the best man, maid of honor, wedded couple and parents. Regardless of when she gives her speech, prior to the wedding day, a sister of the bride needs to consider how she will present her toast and what she will say.

Prepare the toast in honor of your sister in advance. Don’t procrastinate and decide to give an impromptu speech. Even the best speakers sometimes get nervous and ramble if they do not have an outlined plan.

Tell a fun or sentimental story about your sister or talk about some of her quirks. Include something about her new husband. Mention how lucky you, and now the groom, are to have her. Don’t get too personal and reveal sisterly “secrets.”

Keep the speech short. A toast should be between three and five minutes, according to The Sideroad. This ensures that guests pay attention to your speech and don’t get bored.

Practice the toast before the wedding day. Recite your speech in front of a mirror to check your body language. Ask a close friend or family member other than your sister to listen to your toast and give advice and feedback.

Memorize the toast if possible. Don’t read from a sheet of paper.

Speak loudly and clearly. Make sure all guests, including those older and those seated toward the back of the room, can hear and understand you. Engage guests and the couple by making eye contact.