How to Introduce Wedding Toasts

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At a wedding reception, a toastmaster is traditionally designated to carry out the introductions and toast proceedings. However, it is not uncommon for the best man or the reception disc jockey to carry out this duty. A proper introduction is necessary to gain the attention of all wedding attendees before the toasts are given and to transition smoothly between toast givers.

Become familiar with the desired order of toasts and the speakers. Traditionally, the order will begin with a toast to the bride and groom given by the father of the bride or a family friend, then the grooms speech and toast to the bridesmaids followed by a toast by the best man. However, as times are changing, these are not necessarily rules that must be followed. Occasionally, the bride may want to say a few words as well as other family members and friends.

Make sure all glasses are full. Let wait staff know that all glasses must be filled in preparation for the toasts.

Gather the attention of all guests. Stand and announce to the guests that the toasts are about to commence. Ask kindly that all conversations be put on hold and direct the attention to the bride and groom’s table.

Introduce the speakers. Take a moment to introduce each speaker. Give their names as well as relation to the bride and groom and their part in the wedding.

Transition from one speaker to another. As the toasts are being given, the toastmaster will need to thank each speaker and transition smoothly to the next.