Traditional Italian Wedding Toasts

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Italian wedding customs and rituals intertwine elaborate traditions such as 14-course wedding reception dinners with innumerable "good luck" rites such as smashing a plate or glass at the end of the ceremony. Ensconced in these traditions are the wedding toasts with which the guests at the reception pay homage to the newlyweds with phrases of congratulation and good cheer.

Per Cent'Anni

"For one hundred years" is the traditional Italian way of toasting newlyweds in Italy, where the start of the wedding reception will see the dispensation of sweet wine and stronger drinks by the best man prior to the reception dinner. Guests at this point would salute the happy couple with "Per chent-ANni," alluding to the many years ahead of them as man and wife.

Evviva Gli Sposi

Another toast that might occur after a few drinks and at varied intervals throughout the reception is "Long live the newlyweds!" or "Hurrah to the newlyweds!" whenever there may be a lull in the festivities and to revive the spirits of the guests. "Eviva lyi SPO-zi!" a male guest might announce, to which the guests would respond with thundering applause.

Viva L'Amore

Another take on a toast is to say, "Long live love!" or VI-va laMOR(eh); however, this is more of a general saying rather than one specifically designated for weddings.

Un Bacio Per La Sposa

One Italian tradition and toast is also a communal directive for the groom to kiss his bride. So upon announcing "a kiss for the bride," or "oon BA-cho per la SPO-za," the couple are entreated to kiss one another for all the attendees to see.