How Much Champagne Should I Buy for a Wedding Toast?

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Wedding receptions traditionally include a champagne toast. When planning your wedding, you need to know how many bottles of champagne or sparkling wine to buy for your guests so you do not run out or have too much left over.


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Champagne has been a symbol of wealth and royalty since the 18th century. It was first considered a failure as winemakers could not figure out how to make their pale wine without the bubbles.


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Many people think champagne and sparkling wine are the same. Champagne is a specific type of sparkling wine from the Champagne province in France.


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Decide whether you will only be serving champagne for the toast or if you'll also serve it during a cocktail hour. Know how many glasses you'll want to offer each guest.

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If your wedding will include several toasts or last more than a few hours, assume your guests will drink more than one or two glasses each.


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One bottle of champagne holds six glasses. After deciding how many glasses you'll serve each guest, calculate how many bottles you will need based on your guest count.


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If you are serving one glass to each guest and you have 75 guests, you will need 13 bottles of champagne. Seventy bottles will serve 100 guests four glasses each.