How to Emcee at a Rehearsal Dinner

Wedding rehearsal dinners are held to help celebrate the upcoming nuptials. They typically occur after a practice run of the wedding ceremony. The groom's family traditionally hosts the rehearsal dinner. However, in some instances, someone else can host the rehearsal dinner. The dinner can be elaborate or casual depending on the budget and taste of the host. It usually includes the wedding party and may include other guests or family, as well. Toasts and speeches about the couple are usually shared during the rehearsal dinner. Sometimes, the dinner will feature an emcee to help move the festivities along.

Call the host of the rehearsal dinner. Find out the atmosphere of the rehearsal dinner. An emcee will usually wear a dark suit. However, if you are a guest and the rehearsal dinner is casual you may choose an outfit that reflects your dual role as emcee and guest.

Write out a few sentences introducing the couple. The emcee usually knows the couple, so he can share a short story about how the couple met or provide an entertaining story about their relationship. If the emcee does not know the couple, he can ask the best man or maid of honor to share a story that he can incoporate in his introduction.

Create a list of information you may want to ask guests who are invited to the rehearsal dinner. Make sure to obtain a list of all the guests invited to the dinner along with their contact information.

Contact the guests, and ask them if they intend to make a toast or speak at the rehearsal dinner. Use a pencil to write notes on the guest list when you talk to them. For example, jot down how they are related to the bride or groom or how they met them.

Decide the order of the speakers. Spend a few minutes writing down how you will introduce each person.

Practice introducing the speakers. Remember, to remain relaxed, look at your audience and speak naturally without rushing your words.