How to Announce a Newly Married Couple

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A wedding is a special occasion where two people decide to come together and unite as one. Traditionally, this ceremony involves vows, each party giving their "I do's," an exchanging of rings and a kiss. Most weddings end with the minister or officiant announcing the couple as they exit together. This moment allows the couple to display themselves for the first time under their new identity, as husband and wife, and therefore should be planned with care.

Pronounce the couple husband and wife and instruct the groom that he may now kiss the bride.

Turn the couple toward the guests after they have kissed and the cheering has died down.

Introduce the couple by the names they are taking now that they are wed.

Play the recessional music, if desired, and direct the couple to exit the ceremony. They will walk arm-in-arm together down the aisle.

Direct the guests in an orderly fashion to follow the newly announced couple to form the line for the reception.