How to Make a Wedding Core Lasso

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A wedding lasso is draped around the shoulders of a bride and groom during a traditional Hispanic wedding ceremony, following the wedding prayer to symbolize eternity. The lasso can be made from a variety of materials, such as rosary beads, crystals, pearls, ribbons or flowers. You can make a wedding lasso for the upcoming nuptials of a close friend or family member from imitation pearls and crystal beads for a thoughtful but inexpensive keepsake gift for the couple.

Cut a length of thin-gauge jewelry wire to a length of 42 inches and thread a crimp end onto one end of the wire. Thread the end of the wire through the crimp end, make a loop in the wire and thread the end back through the crimp end. Squeeze the crimp end tightly with thin-nose pliers to secure the crimp end onto the wire.

Thread five of the 4 mm crystal beads onto the jewelry wire, slide the beads to the crimp end and then slide an 8 mm imitation pearl bead onto the wire.

Repeat the above step until you end up approximately 1 inch from the end of the wire.

Thread a crimp end onto the 1-inch-long wire end, make a loop from the wire and thread it back through the crimp end. Pinch the crimp end closed with the pliers.

Open a jump ring and hook it onto the loops of both crimp ends.

Hook a cross onto the open jump ring for a religious couple. Squeeze the jump ring closed with the pliers.