How to Tie a Love Knot for Wedding Ceremony

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Implementing a wedding love knot into your wedding ceremony symbolizes the strong bond between you and the person you marry. The love knot is typically done after the vows and wedding rings are exchanged and can consist of tying ropes or cords. It is a simple message of unity that can become a lasting memory.

Fisherman’s Love Knot

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The fisherman’s knot is considered the strongest knot because it is the hardest to untie even under extreme pressure. This kind of knot reflects the love of the wedding couple as it grows stronger and will be hard to break. Two colors of cord or rope are needed. The groom takes his piece and makes a sailor’s knot on one end of the bride's piece of rope. The bride takes the other piece and makes a sailor’s knot on her end. Together they pull on their ends of the rope so the knots slide together and are unable to be pulled apart.

Handfasting Cord Ceremony

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The handfasting cord ceremony consists of draping and looping ribbons and cords instead of tying a knot. This ceremony takes place before the vows are exchanged. The best man or maid of honor participates in this ritual by placing ribbons over the wrists and through the wedding couple's hands. You can use different colored ribbons to add to the theme of the wedding. A green ribbon represents luck and love. For healing and good health, wrap a purple ribbon around the wrists. Red symbolizes strength and passion. Handfasting can be a non-religious ceremony.

Unity Love Knot

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This knot is very simple to do and involves the wedding couple’s wrists being bound together. You can use two pieces of rope or a few ribbons that are about 18 to 24 inches long. Before the officiant gives a final blessing, the ribbons are wrapped around the wedding couple's wrists with a knot tied loosely under the hands. This kind of knot has no religious or ethnic ties. For a keepsake, remove the ribbons and tie them together with a simple knot.

God's Knot

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Personalize the wedding by making a God's Knot to symbolize the unity of the couple with God. This knot is affiliated with Christian weddings. Three pieces of rope are needed: gold, purple and white. The purple cord represents the groom, the white stands for the bride and the gold rope signifies God. This knot symbolizes God strengthens the couple's bonds throughout their marriage. During the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom braid the three cords together. The groom holds a small metal ring with three attached strands. The bride braids the strands together as a symbol of the union of God, husband and wife.

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