Traditional Indian Wedding Gifts

Bride and groom

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Indian wedding ceremonies can be dependent on the religion of the couple but traditional wedding gifts are the same across faiths. Traditional ceremonies not only happen in India but wherever Indians have moved and established their lives. Thus guests who do not come from an Indian background might be confused or worried about what qualifies as an appropriate gift.


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The most traditional wedding gift in India is money. It is a way to give back after the debt incurred or money spent for a traditional ceremony and the following costs of a honeymoon and setting up a new home. Regardless of whether the currency is rupees, pounds or dollars the amount should end in one. For example, $11, $51, $101, $201 or $501.


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Jewelry is an important part of an Indian ceremony as the bride is adorned with gold and precious stones. Gold jewelry is the most traditional but the kind of jewelry can be in accordance with any budget. Simple gold bangles or a small, symbolic pendant are options for smaller budgets. For larger budgets, diamonds and other precious stones are traditional and well received.

Decorative Items

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Traditionally Indian couples, regardless of religion, do not live together until after they are married. Thus they have not had time to make and decorate a home. Decorative home gifts are both traditional and practical. The Cultural India website recommends show pieces, cultural artifacts from India, vases, original paintings and photo frames. High quality decorative items are an option for any budget.



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Although gold is more traditional in India, high quality silver can also be given as a wedding gift. Silver housewares are economical and functional as they can include a wide range of prices and sizes. Cultural India recommends silver salt and pepper shakers, bottle openers, a cutlery set or card holders are recommended. Heart-shaped silver items are common wedding gifts that symbolize the strength of the couple's love.