What Is a Traditional Gift for a 36th Anniversary?

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If you are approaching your 36th wedding anniversary, you may be wondering what symbolic, traditional gift you can give to your sweetheart. Most wedding anniversary years correspond with a specific traditional and modern gift that symbolizes an aspect of your relationship and years together.

Bone China Plates

Give a set of bone china as a traditional 36th wedding anniversary gift. PerfectAnniversaryGifts.com writes that this anniversary year marks "the celebration of togetherness," which is reflected in china. China is a symbol of elegance and fragility, but it also represents strength and beauty.

Porcelain Vases or Frames

You can expand the bone china idea by purchasing a porcelain vase and filling it with your sweetheart's favorite flowers. You also can purchase a porcelain frame with an old photo of you and your spouse. Both are sentimental while still keeping with the symbolism of the traditional gift.

Trip to China

Think outside the box by transforming the traditional anniversary gift with a trip to China. Needless to say, this plan will depend on your budget. However, a holiday in China fulfills the symbolism of the traditional gift -- the strength and beauty of journeying together -- while communicating your deep love and appreciation for your significant other.

Traditional With Twists

Pair a traditional 36th anniversary gift with a gift that provides a twist on tradition. Blow up 36 balloons -- or pay for a clerk at a party store to fill them with helium -- and then stuff them in her car. She will will get an entertaining surprise on her way to work in the morning. Make sure you transfer the balloons from the car to your home after the surprise so that you protect the environment. Do not release the balloons into the air.